FarolWorld Privacy Statement

Protecting your privacy is of importance to us! We therefore provide you with the following information on how we handle any personal data collected or obtained when using FarolWorld platform.

Object of this protection of privacy statement

This protection of privacy statement applies to all services offered on our web platform at www.farolworld.com. Unless stated otherwise, this statement only governs how FarolWorld handles your personal information. In case you make use of third party services, their privacy terms shall exclusively be applicable. FarolWorld shall make no representations concerning those third party privacy terms.

Responsible Entity

FarolWorld is a product of LatitudeN GmbH. Therefore, responsible entity as defined by the German Federal Data Protection Act is:

LatitudeN Gmbh Robert-Bosch Str.7 64293 DarmstadtGermany

Use of your personal information

Personal information collected via our website or uploaded by you to it is processed and used appropriately and in accordance with the provisions of law, in particular with those of the German Federal Data Protection Act (“Bundesdatenschutzgesetz”). We will not collect, process, nor use any personal information unless you consent or the law otherwise permits it. If this consent is made in an electronic manner in the context of our mobile applications, we will fulfil the legal requirements to inform you about it as well. Your personal information will be stored on specially protected computers. Processing and storing of this information will occur solely in accordance with the purpose for which you have supplied it. We use your personal information to support the improvement of your personal travel profile that will enhance continuously the accuracy of the travel suggestions made to you when using our services. In addition to this, we use your personal information for means of communication and to reply to your inquiries. Finally, we utilize your information to prevent abuse of our website and to investigate unauthorised access to it. Our staff and our service providers are obliged to comply with Section 5 of the German Federal Data Protection Act.

Passing on of information

We shall not pass on any data to third parties, neither for commercial nor for non-commercial purposes. Any personal information that is supplied when using our platform will only be used within LatitudeN or its affiliated companies. In the case that LatitudeN, companies that LatitudeN controls, single subsidiaries, or business units are sold, the customer information that belongs to this unit of the company will also be transferred as part of the sale. Nevertheless, your data will still be subject to this privacy policy and the applicable statutory data protection rules.

Deletion of information

In the event and to the extent that your personal information is or becomes unnecessary for the aforementioned purposes, we will delete it. If we are obliged to store such data due to fiscal reasons, they will be blocked and thus made unavailable for further utilisation.

Changes of privacy policy

LatitudeN reserves the right to update this privacy notice if necessary according to future changes in the utilization of your personal information. You will be informed via e-mail of any such changes to your profile address.

Disclosure, withdrawal of consent

You may withdraw your consent to the collection, use and processing of your personal information at any time, effective for the future, by sending an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. . If you would like to contact us with questions concerning our privacy notice, please send us an e-mail to the above address. Using the same address you may view, alter or delete any of your personal information that FarolWorld platform has stored at any time.