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    Frankfurt is usually associated with banks and business, as it is an international financial centre.

    Skyscrapers of big companies rip the skies and provide us with a unique sight, but there’s much more to visit in Frankfurt. The old town square Römerberg, Frankfurt Cathedral, and the house of the outstanding German writer and statesman Goethe. Frankfurt can offer both an energetic or relaxing time, so if the hustle and bustle of tourists are not your thing, you can go to a cosy bars and have a good German beer, relax next to the Main River, or walk through one of the many gardens of the city.

    Whatever you choose, make sure to use Farol City Guides – it will take you exactly where you want to go.


    In a city full of modern skyscrapers, there’s a magical feeling when you can feel traditional buildings. In this square you can visit ancient buildings, such as the Town hall and the Cathedral.

    Frankfurt Cathedral

    This Roman Catholic Gothic church, dedicated to Saint Bartholomew, dominates the Frankfurt skyline with its imposing 95m spire. Rebuilt several times, this building is rich in history and with immense beauty not to miss.

    Alte Oper

    One of the city’s main concert venues and former opera house. It was damaged in World War II, but it kept its Italian High Renaissance style after being restored, making it an emblematic building.


    Home of Johann W. von Goethe, the notable German writer, where he was born and lived until 1765. Though destroyed in World War II, it was restored with the family’s original furniture and books.


    A nice restaurant that serves traditional dishes from the region of Hessen. The evidence of its quality is its popularity. Locals love it, and therefore we advise you to be there early.

    Main Tower

    If you are willing to spend some hundreds, try this restaurant. Its food and service are out of this world, and the panoramic view over Frankfurt will inspire you, especially in the evening.

    Im Herzen Afrikas

    When in the mood for something different, come here – you’ll feel like you’re in another world, and yet, you’ll have a great time. The dishes are mouth-watering and the staff quite friendly.


    The place to get your footing in German food and beer. The dishes are generously served for starving stomachs and its backdrop is classy. Perfect for a relaxing evening with friends.


    Goethe (1749-1832) was a remarkable German author who was born and wrote some works in Frankfurt. Hence, tributes to him can be found everywhere: in a university’s name, streets, statues and museums.


    A cider made mostly from apples, from Frankfurt and very consumed by the locals, especially in nights out. It has no sugar in and it’s a bit sour. Do not miss out the change to try something so local.


    Something that makes Frankfurt so unique is its skyline, with so high towers that seem to rip the sky apart. Unlike other European cities, here they are together. A walk around them is an experience itself.


    Known as a city of arts, Frankfurt has a high density and variety of museums over the river banks. The options are endless, including the world renowned Städel and the natural history Senckenberg.