Frequently Asked Questions

What is Farol?

Farol City Guides is a smart travel guide which generates fully personalised sightseeing tours matching your individual preferences and your available time in the city. Farol includes an offline map-based guide with automatically generated individual tours, dynamic content adapted in real-time to your profile (e.g. highlight best restaurants at lunch and dinner time, bars at night, most important sightseeing monuments, and other), metro network, call a taxi option, share your likes with your facebook  friends, etc.

How can I install Farol?

The app is available from the App Store and Google Play. Each destination is available as an in-app. Alternatively, you can download an app for a specific destination only.

After you have installed Farol, you are requested to download the content app for each destination you select. As the databases are often heavy files, we strongly recommend you to use a Wi-Fi connection for the downloading process to avoid using your mobile data.

Why is Farol my perfect "travel buddy"?

Farol City Guide is the intelligent answer to the modern tourists needs, lacking time to prepare in detail their trips and often with just some hours available for sightseeing on a city. Forget the bulky and expensive travel books or mobile apps that are no more than databases of information difficult to handle! With Farol, you will get a new exciting experience when visiting a city. Unlike any other mobile app, Farol generates individual tours optimised for the time you have available to sightsee and according to your specific preference and tastes. Farol is permanently introducing new and innovative features on the app to better respond to the specific needs of short city-break tourists and business travellers.

How does Farol automatically plan my tour?

Farol City Guides uses efficient and complex algorithm to build a tour itinerary for you, completely offline and in real-time. The algorithm takes into account your trip dates and time, sightseeing interests, walking speed, opening hours of attractions, and geographical location to create your most personalised trip.

What does the integrated offline map can show me?

Your personalised tour itineraries are shown on the interactive map. This means you can view your day's starting and end point as well as each point of interest you are visiting that day with a profound description.

You can use also the map just to walk around and freely look what is more relevant to you. In case you look for a place to relax during your tour or simply want to discover nearby places, tailored points of interests in striking distance also appear.

Which mobile devices support Farol?

Farol City Guide is available on Android and iOS based smartphones and tablets.

Which cities are offered by Farol?

We constantly add new cities to our unique destinations. At this point we cover all major city destinations in Europe.

Is there a city destination to test?

Yes. You can currently download Farol City Guides free of charge for Porto (Portugal) and Sofia (Bulgaria). A demo video of Farol is also available and can be watched here.

Are there any roaming costs associated with using Farol abroad?

Farol City Guides is a 100% offline app. There are no roaming charges associated with using it to get access to your tours and information in the app. It is advisable that you either download the database before doing a trip or use a free Wi-Fi hotspot at your destination.

Where does Farol get all its travel information?

Farol City Guides provides users with the highest quality and most in-depth content. We have a permanent designated content team that always keep updating all our destinations. In addition, we work closely together with our content partner MairDumont (publisher of Marco Polo and Lonely Planet guides) who is a world leading travel books publisher.

Are updates free?

Yes, daily updates and content are free of charge. New content is added regularly by our content team.