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    Rome means was once the ‘Caput Mundi’ (Capital of the World). Today it’s a special destination for History enthusiasts, art lovers, and appreciators of good food, wine, fashion, and everything else that constitutes ‘la dolce vita’.

    Archaeological sites, historic museums and monuments of the Roman Empire are all over the city. Besides, Rome presents outstanding works of art from the Renaissance period. On top of this, the city is the centre of the Catholic Church, as the Vatican City is here, as well as many beautiful and artistic Basilicas are around the city.

    With Farol City Guides, you will not only travel to the centre of an unforgettable world, you will feel part of it. We’ll show you more than 3000 years of history, amazing Italian dishes, the most icon places, and much more.


    The world largest amphitheatre takes us back to Imperial Rome. It was a stage of entertainment for centuries and its ruins showcases impressive Roman engineering techniques.

    Fontana di Trevi

    The largest Baroque fountain in Rome is worldwide famous. Legend holds that a girl led Roman soldiers to a pure water source, which drove the emperor to build an aqueduct from there to this fountain.


    One of the most well-preserved Ancient Roman buildings, it presents outstanding concepts of architecture and space due to its dome and oculus. The tomb of the artist Raphael is placed here.

    Sistine Chapel

    Its ceiling, with the famous frescos from Michelangelo, is a notable and breath-taking masterpiece, making it a compulsory stop for anyone who visits Rome and the Vatican City.

    Da Remo

    Your traveling experience to Rome won’t be the same without pizza. You can chose a gourmet or take-away restaurant, but for a delicious classic pizzeria, come here. Dinners only.

    La Tavernaccia

    The type of place where the locals go. It’s family-run, with a divine garlic bruschetta, exquisite lasagnes and great pastas. It’s a popular establishment, so we advise you to arrive there early.

    Il Pagliaccio

    If you are willing to spend a couple of hundreds for a meal that is out of this world, this is the place to go. Awarded with 2 Michelin stars, it delights its guests with its Italian specialties.


    Its environment and its food will make you feel like an Italian. With affordable dishes, yet expensive wine, you may experience at Ditirambo an authentic Italian meal.


    Rome is the capital of Catholicism. It has numerous and breath-taking catholic temples and it’s an important centre of pilgrimages, mostly the Vatican City, wishing to see the Pope.

    Roman Empire

    Rome is the dream for all those that is willing to travel through the European Civilization ruins. All over the city, the list of sites is endless, being the Colosseum, the Roman Forum and the Basilica de San Clemente just a few.

    Spaghetti alla Carbonara

    Italian cuisine speaks for itself. This specialty, prepared with pasta, eggs, cheese, black pepper and guanciale or pancetta, is a Roman invention. Served "al dente", the original spaghetti is for sure to be tried in the city.


    Italians are well known for having the best ice cream in the world. In Rome, it’s mandatory to forget any type of diet and try several flavours in different Gelateries. It feels like it was made by angels.