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    Riga has been giving many treasures to Europe. Its UNESCO World Heritage Old Town and strong Art Nouveau architecture and decoration are some examples of Riga’s treasures. Another example is its great diversity: Riga is home for people of several nationalities, such as Latvians, Germans and Russians, amongst many others.

    Such multicultural environment contributes for its exciting life and big city atmosphere, which is hard to find anywhere else in the Baltics. However, the list of its values doesn’t stop here. This Baltic financial centre has many other treasures to reveal to you, and some of them are more in tune with your taste and time.

    Farol City Guides will guide you smoothly to them, through the city’s ambiance and ancient buildings.

    House of Blackheads

    In the past, a building for a guild of single German merchants. Today, the premises of the President. Although it can’t be visited inside, it’s one of the most iconic and beautiful edifices of Riga.

    Three Brothers

    The oldest complex of houses in Riga consists in three edifices built in different times, being the oldest one from the 15th century. The legend says they were built by men from the same family.

    Freedom Monument

    This is a memorial honouring the soldiers killed during the Latvian War of Independence, from 1918 to 1920. To Latvians, this iconic statue represents their country’s freedom, independence and power.

    Dome Square

    Considered the heart of Riga, it gathers Latvian people together, as many events take place here. The square is surrounded by landmarks, such as the Art Museum Riga Bourse and the Cathedral.

    Folkklubs Ala Pagrabs

    A place where locals and tourist meet to have the best of Latvian food and local drinks for a cheap price. It’s decorated like a Latvian pub and it hosts folklore evenings. A true Latvian experience.

    3 pavāru restorāns

    An excellent choice to have international or Latvian food in city centre. The dishes here are divine, the service is personal, and the prices quite reasonable. All this in a laid-back restaurant.


    Famous latvian restaurant chain. Its menu has a vast selection of traditional regional recipes but also international cuisine. Fine-dining, buffet, family weekends and concerts make of this place unique in Riga.

    B-Bārs restorāns

    A lovely restaurant with European and Latvian food. Its cocktails are a must try. During the warm months, customers can enjoy the terrace with view to the cathedral, while having a delicious meal.

    Riga Svetki

    An annual summer event that transmits tradition. For three days, Riga’s streets are filled with life, thanks to the concerts, dance performances, athletic competitions, fair and attractions.

    Black Balsam

    Traditional herbal liqueur made with different ingredients mixed with pure vodka. Locals have it in different ways, like on the rocks, mixed in tea or coffee, and even as a topping on ice cream.

    Art Nouveau

    Art Nouveau decoration and architecture are popular in Riga. Here you can appreciate Art Nouveau by just walking on the street, as 40% of the buildings in the city centre are in this stunning style.


    If you’re in Riga on the 23rd and 24th June, don’t miss out the chance to celebrate Jāņi among the locals. This feast celebrates the summer solstice with dance, music, bonfire and mystical rituals.