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    Known as the “Paris of the East”, Prague’s stunning architecture includes Gothic, Baroque, Art Nouveau and Cubist façades.

    The old town gets us easily with its beautiful buildings and middle ages characteristics. Prague’s icons include the cathedral, the astronomical tower, and Charles Bridge, a beautiful architecture piece where artists expose their talents. Besides, you can have a relaxing time drinking Czech beer at a brewery or watching a puppet show, and if you’re a big fan of the author Franz Kafka, you can’t miss the museum dedicated to his life and work.

    Such a wonderful city deserves to be known, and it is time for you to travel there and experience its environment. You can now do it easily, by using Farol City Guides.

    Charles Bridge

    This historical bridge has 30 statues, most of them baroque-style, and it’s where street artists meet to perform and exhibit their skills. Once just a connection, nowadays a huge landmark of Prague.

    Astronomical Clock Tower

    Many details make this clock so unique, such as the calendar, the moving figures and the zodiacal ring. Besides, it’s the oldest medieval astronomical clock still working. Pass by to see it.

    Prague Castle

    This UNESCO World Heritage site is the largest ancient castle in the world. Beautiful and overwhelming, the castle and its gardens tell us admirable stories about Czech kings and emperors.

    Old Town Square

    Squares usually don’t take our breath away, but this one will. The heart of Prague is the prettiest meeting point you’ll ever see, with beautiful Rococo, Baroque and Gothic buildings and statues.

    La Degustation

    When elegance, excellence and Czech gastronomy come together, nothing can go wrong. Here you’ll have exquisite dishes that were prepared to awake your senses. Reservation is advised.


    Beautiful Art Nouveau cellar, where International and traditional Czech cuisine go hand in hand. It has a wine list of good Czech and International wines, and it’s a pleasant place for any occasion.

    U Kroka

    There’s no place to eat like the place where the locals go. U Kroka focuses on Bohemian cuisine and has a wide list of beers and wines. Plus, their desserts are to die for.

    Pivovarský dům

    When a nation is known for its beer, you can’t miss the chance to try traditional food in a restaurant that produces its own beer. Due to its varied menu, we advise you Pivovarský dům.


    Beer has an important role in Czech culture. Drinking lager is a daily habit of the locals, breweries with numerous options of beer can be easily found, and the city hosts a big beer festival annually.

    Marionettes and Puppets

    Traditionally handcrafted from wood, they have played an important role in popular entertainment and national culture. You can watch a show while in Prague and take one home as a souvenir.

    Franz Kafka

    If you like the Czech author Franz Kafka, you’ll love Prague. This city inspired many of his stories, it served as a scenery to some of them, and here is where the Franz Kafka Museum is.

    Czech Folklore

    Traditional folk expresses and culture of a country, and Czech Folklore isn’t an exception. Many taverns in town exhibit life performances, which will be both an amusing and cultural experience.