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    Porto is one of the latest discovered metropolis in Europe. Close to the sea, young, with an energetic yet affordable nightlife, this city embraces the “good life” in a contagious manner.

    If you think there’s nothing to do in this city, think again. Porto is the birthplace of Port Wine and the famous Portuguese regional dish Francesinha. It’s rich in heritage and an influential city in Portugal regarding architecture, with monuments from Gustave Eiffel, Nicolau Nasoni, Siza Vieira, among others. Many characteristics of the city inspired the bestselling books of Harry Potter.

    Here you will get lost at the river banks, explore the Ribeira, admire impressive architecture details, experience a vibrant atmosphere – for all this and much more, all you need is to take Farol City Guides in your pocket.

    Casa da Música

    Diamond-shaped white concrete Concert Hall designed by Dutch architect Rem Koolhaas in 2005. The building is an icon of the city´s contemporary architecture, attracting visitors from many different parts of the world.

    Serralves Museum

    The most visited paid museum in Portugal, Serralves integrates the international circuits of Contemporary Art. The museum was designed by architect Siza Vieira inside a splendorous romantic garden.

    Luís I Bridge

    Impressive iron bridge with roughly 120 years old. Standing as one of the big landmarks of Porto, the iconic structure by one Gustave Eiffel´s disciple connects on its two floors the old town to the Port Wine cellars located in Gaia.

    Clérigos Tower

    A Baroque 76mt bell tower from the 18th century, by Italian architect and painter Nicolau Nasoni, who also designed the adjacent church. It is a popular tourist attraction by the scenic view of the city from the top.

    Pedro Lemos

    Chef Pedro Lemos runs this rustic restaurant set in the amazing scenery of the Douro River. One of the most desirable eateries in Porto with a menu of dishes that is firmly grounded in the traditions of Portuguese cuisine.

    Vinhas D'Alho

    Gourmet restaurant located in the heart of the old town, serving contemporary food with a fine Portuguese taste. A great selection of wines together with a great view over Gaia worth the price to pay.

    Restaurante DOP

    Rustic dishes cooked in the most sophisticated of manners by Chef Rui Paula. Sample ‘Tripas à Moda do Porto’ or ‘Codfish à Gomes de Sá’, typical regional cuisine from Porto and North of Portugal.

    Cufra Grill

    The right place in the city to try the famous local dish ‘Francesinha’. Panoramic restaurant placed in the front seaside of the beach at Parque da Cidade. Good Traditional Portuguese food for a fair price.


    Typical snack sandwich originally from Porto (meaning ‘Little Frenchie’) made with bread, different types of meat and covered with melted cheese and a hot thick tomato and beer sauce served with french fries.

    Port Wine

    The most international of Portuguese products, this fortified wine takes its name from the city, and is served mostly as digestive. It is exclusively produced in the Douro valley and stored in cellars located in the river side of Gaia.


    Home to two earners of the 'Pritzker' Prize Álvaro Siza Vieira and Eduardo Souto de Moura, Porto hosts some of major masterpieces of contemporary architecture in Europe such as Casa de Chá, Serralves or Casa da Música.

    Festa de São João

    Lively street festival taking place in June in honour to Saint John the Baptist. Crowded streets celebrate with a mix of hot air balloons into the sky, hitting plastic hammers on the heads of passers-by and a spectacular firework.