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    Welcome to Oslo. The Viking city, the winter capital, the city of green hills and of stunning fjords.

    Oslo is a major maritime hub in Europe and the economic centre, but it manages to keep a magical combination of city life and easy access to great outdoors activities. In other words, it’s easy to find trendy bars or interesting cultural events, as well as to walk through green areas or to find a spot to swim in the river. This is probably why Oslo is constantly in top rankings about quality of life in big cities.Whether you come here for business or for some breath-taking adventures, you’ll find a good balance between nature and city.

    Farol Oslo will guide you to soak in the beauty of Vigeland Park, to feel the wind as you ski down the snow, through the Akershus Fortress, among others.

    Norsk Folkemuseum

    Everything about this museum says “Norwegian culture and tradition”. It exhibits how people in Norway lived from 1500 to the present, from their houses to artifacts, and it hosts traditional events.

    Vigeland Park

    The world’s largest sculpture park by a single artist: Gustav Vigeland. It’s pleasant to walk around this green park with more than 200 statues, including the iconic Monolith and Wheel of Life.

    Oslo Opera House

    The concert venue that hosts numerous masterpieces per year is a masterpiece itself. Opened in 2008, it is gifted with exceptional architectural features, becoming the youngest landmark of Oslo.

    Akershus Fortress

    Medieval fortress, strategically located next to Oslo Fjord. Today one of the most iconic Norwegian landmarks, a popular venue of events, and also a place that tells us a lot about Norwegian history.

    Hos Thea

    A restaurant that is very close to perfection. The hospitality is warming, the interiors are cosy, but even better are the divined dishes, which are prepared with a lot of care. Reservations advised.

    Restaurant Fauna

    The place to go to try true Norwegian cuisine. The service is amicable and the dishes are prepared with high quality ingredients and according to tradition, for a very reasonable price, considering the average.

    Fjord Restaurant

    Like other Scandinavian countries, Norway has a bond with the sea. Specialist in seafood, here you’ll have a promising time through Norwegian cuisine and tradition. The menu changes weekly.

    Elias Mat & Sant

    Informal and relaxing place with a warming ambiance to try homemade Norwegian dishes. The beer comes from Norwegian breweries. It’s a good place for a late meal, as the kitchen is open until 10 pm.

    Fish and Seafood

    With such a strong fishermen tradition, no wonder fish and seafood are so popular. In Oslo, you can get adventurous and try the freshest fish in a good restaurant or buy it in a seafood market.

    Nobel Peace Prize

    While the remaining Nobel Prizes are awarded in Stockholm, the Nobel Peace Prize is given in Oslo. This is the main event of Oslo, which celebrates distinguished human actions in favour of peace.

    Toboggan run

    If you’re looking for amusement, there’s a good reason to visit Oslo during the winter: the opportunity to sled. Sleds can be rented, and the most popular sled run is the 2 km long Korketrekkeren.

    Oslo Fjord

    The 100 km long Oslo Fjord is an astonishing natural sightseeing no one can miss. You can take a tour to admire the natural landscape from a boat, and, during the summertime, you can dip in.