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    With almost 20 million inhabitants, Moscow is one of the largest metropolitan cities in the world.

    It is like an exaggerated version of everything there, with all its contrasts. The mediaeval Kremlin side by with modern skyscrapers, neon-lit advertisement fighting for attention with the monumentality of the Stalinists structures, shiny new black luxury cars and old Ladas sit in the same incessant traffic jam. This is the city where one can go to sleep poor and wake up rich and where the VIP has become an obsession. Moscow is regarded as a major business and financial centre, but it is not less of a cultural and tourist destination, drawing attention from investors, artists and travellers in equal measure.

    Yes, visiting this metropolis can be challenging. Yet, Farol Moscow will your perfect buddy and will make sure to turn your visit in an exciting and enriching experience.


    The city´s most iconic landmarks, where tsars, communists, and presidents have worked for the present and future of Russia. Visiting it means to see where decisions that provoked History were made.

    Saint Basil’s Cathedral

    Located inside the Kremlin. The shapes and colours of this masterpiece are a true example of the old Russian architecture. It’s probably one of the most beautiful churches you’ll ever see.

    Lenin’s Mausoleum

    Also known as the Lenin’s Tomb, this mausoleum, located in Red Square, gives you the opportunity to see the embalmed body of Lenin, a famous politician, communist revolutionary and political theorist.

    State History Museum

    Its architectural features make it an attraction from the outside. Yet, the archaeological and anthropological collections that are inside expose the History of Russia like no other museum ever will.

    Café Pushkin

    Its mouth-watering dishes and decoration takes us to a journey through old Moscow and traditional Russia, and for a good deal. A good place to start for those who want to explore the local cuisine.

    Varenichnaya No 1

    Genuinely Russian-style restaurant. Its decoration is charming and warming, and its food gives you a certain home feeling, even if you’re not from Russia. The prices are reasonable and it’s vegetarian friendly.

    Mayak Restaurant

    Here is where many intellectuals and journalists met in the past, is, today, a great and popular restaurant with Russian classics and an elegant environment. Perfect before a night out.


    The restaurant in Moscow where everything seems to be fantastic. From the food to the wine, without forgetting the cocktails and the decoration. Worth to check it out, but it’s advisable to book a table.


    Traditional Russian wooden dolls. When one doll is pulled apart, a smaller doll can be found inside. They come in every shape, and they are the best and most adorable souvenir or gift to bring from Russia


    Russian ballet is worldwide known for its excellence, great plays, and for being breath-taking. When in Moscow, take the change to watch one of this masterpieces live; it’s an experience to life.

    Metro Stations

    Traveling around Moscow by metro is an overwhelming experience. Some of these stations are among the most beautiful metro stops in the world, with a design and architecture that will blow you away.

    Beef Stroganoff

    This Russian dish may be famous around Europe, but there’s nothing like trying it in its homeland, cooked by locals who know the recipe better than nobody else. It consists in beef with sour cream.