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    It’s difficult to point out what makes Madrid so special. Its spirit and unique beauty make it one of the most passionate cities in Europe. There are no silent hours in the heart of Madrid, and that’s because there’s always something to do: either a new bar to try, a tapas restaurant to go to, a landmark that’s waiting to be seen, or a museum to visit – and Madrid hosts three world renown museums: Reina Sofia, el Prado and Thyssen-Bornemisza. Also, this is the city that watched the success of Dalí, Goya and Velázquez grow.

    In the city where anything can happen, the best way to explore it is to wander through its streets and avenues. However, you shouldn’t do it aimlessly, and Farol Madrid will help you find sights that are worth seeing and suitable to your taste.

    Prado Museum

    Your experience in Madrid won’t be complete if you don’t visit Prado. Your visit may take half of your day but its numerous works of art, especially the ones by Velázquez and Goya, will blow you away.

    Royal Palace

    The official residence of the Royal Family is only used for state ceremonies, but its doors are open to the public. Come and see great exhibitions while meeting the history of the Spanish monarchy.

    Plaza Mayor

    There’s no better place to feel Madrid than the central square where everybody goes. Surrounded by traditional cafés, shops and a beautiful squared building, it’s also where many events take place.

    Temple of Debod

    Originally erected in Egypt, this ancient Egyptian temple from the 2nd century BC was moved and rebuilt in Madrid. It’s dedicated to the gods Amon and Isis. A cultural experience and exotic sight that will amaze you.

    Casa Lucio

    Eating in this wonderful tavern can be an unforgettable experience. Here you’ll find a warming welcome, an excellent service, and a huge respect for tradition and quality. Reservation advised.

    El Sobrino de Botín

    The oldest restaurant in the world makes us traveling through time to the best of traditional Spanish cuisine. With nearly 300 years of service, the restaurant specialties are roasts and lamb.

    La Casa del Abuelo

    When it comes to tapas, this place can’t go wrong. It’s a very down-to-earth restaurant where locals meet, spend time together and laugh, while enjoying some of the best Spanish tapas.

    Taberna de la Concha

    Where Spanish tapas have a modern twist without compromised quality. Its atmosphere, alongside with the menu, service and wine offer, allow everyone to have an enjoyable and relaxing time.

    Fiestas de San Isidro

    In the middle of May, Madrid goes out on the streets to celebrate Saint Isidro. During these days, you can expect a lot of local food, traditional customs, activities, and to dance all night long.

    El Rastro Market

    If you like open air flea markets, you should go to El Rastro. It happens every Sunday and public holiday. A variety of products can be found here, and many antique shops in the area are also open.


    In this old and yet polemic Spanish tradition, a bullfighter confronts a bull, leading to the animal’s death. Although not a show for everyone, Las Ventas is the place for those who want to watch it.

    Bocadillo de Calamares

    Traditional Spanish sandwich that is so popular in Madrid that it can be found easily in the bars and restaurants of the capital. It is a sandwich for squids, fried with flour in olive oil.