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    Luxembourg combines modern with medieval perfectly.

    The city of fortresses, with a palace, cathedral, markets, charming parks and a breath-taking views over the river, has a very wide offer of artistic facilities and cultural events, and a multicultural population. Furthermore, the city of the Grand Duchy is a dynamic economic and social centre. Between the ancient sites, there are influential companies, banks and offices of the European Union. In sum, Luxembourg is a very interesting and beautiful city. However, it isn’t a very big one. The good thing about that it makes it a great destination for a short-break trip. Another good thing is that you don’t need to plan beforehand, because Farol City Guides will guide you an intelligent tour, guiding you through the city’s best sites.

    Bock and Casemates

    The fortresses that made the city known as the “Gibraltar of the North”. Its network of underground passages and case-mates could shelter thousands of soldiers and animals. A landmark of Luxembourg.

    Grand Ducal Palace

    Official residence of the Grand Duke of Luxembourg. Its façades from the 16th century and magnificent interior make it one of the most beautiful buildings. It can be visited during the summer.

    Notre Dame Cathedral

    Magnificent cathedral built on the 17th century by Jesuits. It is a Gothic sacral building, but it also has many Renaissance elements and adornments. A church full of treasures and beauty.

    Chemin de la Corniche

    Many times referred to as the ‘Europe’s most beautiful balcony’. Built by Spaniards and French in the 17th century, these ramparts along the Alzette valley offer a great view over the river and the city.

    Le Sud

    Although it isn’t for every pocket, this restaurant has it all: the greatest classics from French and Luxembourg cuisines, amazing drinks, and a terrace that offers a pleasant view over the summer.


    Top Mediterranean and tapas restaurant in Luxembourg for a reasonable price. Homemade and prepared with the freshest ingredients, it has a lovely terrace and fantastic cocktails. Reservations advise.

    Mousel’s Cantine

    French and Luxembourgish cuisines with a homey sensation in one restaurant. Good beer and well served portions of delicious food. A good place to come with friends to try Luxembourgish classics.

    Am Tiirmschen

    Located in a medieval building, Amm Tiirmschen presents a menu with Luxembourgish delicacies. Its backdrop is rustic, the service is great, and it won’t cost you a fortune. Worth to check.

    Green parks

    One of Luxembourg best gifts is its park, waiting to be explored. About a quarter of this city’s territory are green areas, such as the famous Edouard André Park and Merl-Belair Park.


    When in Luxembourg, take time to walk on the city’s fortresses. Though mostly demolished in the 19th century, they had a great strategic importance and are fine example of military architecture.


    The biggest funfair of the country happens every year from the end of August until early September. With its rollercoasters, cinema, sweets, games and giant wheel, it’s the promise of a good time.


    After so many cities offering us tradition through main courses and desserts, Luxembourg offers us an appetiser. Bouneschlupp is a traditional green bean soup with potatoes, onions and bacon.