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    The “Daughter of the Baltic” has been the Finnish capital since 1812. Both a sea and green city by excellence, it has exiting cultural offers.

    Frozen during winter and happily sunny during summer, it has influences from the East and the West (especially from Russia and Sweden), which are clear in the architecture, cuisine and design. There’s more to do in Helsinki than it seems at first sight: you can try a public sauna, see glorious Art Nouveau buildings, walk through the parks, enjoy the snow in the cold season, or go the beach in the hot one, and visit the iconic buildings in town, such as the Temppeliaukio Church and the sea fortress Suomenlinna.

    With so much to see and do you’ll be grateful for the great transportation system in the city, and for having our app on your phone.

    Senate Square

    This square is a mandatory stop to anyone who visits the city. Its surroundings show us neoclassic architecture and buildings are of great importance, such as the Cathedral and the Sederholm House.


    Have you ever seen a church excavated directly into a solid rock? If not, you haven’t been here. Located in the heart of the city, the church is unique in the world and famous for its architecture.

    Sibelius Monument

    The first national abstract monument is open to several interpretations, so feel free to make your own. It’s dedicated to the composer Jean Sibelius, whose work was crucial to Finland’s identity.

    Suomenlinna Fortress

    The sea fortress played an important role in Finland’s history. Built on six islands, it’s easily reachable by ferry. Visiting it means traveling back to significant past events of the country.

    A21 Dining

    Top quality and renowned restaurant of Finnish and Scandinavian cuisine. If you’re feeling adventurous, try the “journey menu”: handcrafted food and drink based on Scandinavian nature and culture.


    This was the first Finnish bistro-style restaurant to receive a Michelin Star. Demo’s main concerns are to provide their customers a good time and serve the best of Finnish cuisine and culture.


    Welcome to a popular restaurant where its decoration and menu will make you go back in time. Located right next to Senatsplatz, it’s famous for its good service and truly traditional food and drinks.


    Located on the edge of Senate Square, this is probably the restaurant with the best view in town. Its menu follows the Finnish cuisine and is affordable for Finnish standards. Perfect for any occasion.


    No traveling experience to Helsinki would be completed without going to a sauna. In the country that invented it, a sauna isn’t a luxury but part of its culture and a common practice by the locals.

    Vappu party

    This is biggest party in Finland. It happens every May 1st and it celebrates the upcoming of spring and university graduations. Prepare yourself for a picnic, join the locals in a park, and have fun.


    This is a freestyle psychedelic trance originated in Finland. It means “Finish sound” and many events with this kind of music occur in Helsinki, making it a cool destination for those who like trance.


    Here’s traditional food! The main ingredients of this pastry are rye or wheat flour, rice and butter. They’re eaten throughout Finland – and we know that there’s nothing like the local’s approval.