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    Welcome to the hometown of Farol City Guides. Located 30km south from Frankfurt, Darmstadt is a city of science, with several research institutions and innovative industries, and it’s also rich in culture, art and history.

    Once the capital of the state of Hessen until the end of World War II and the residence of Dukes, it was a centre of reform movements in the beginning of the 20th century. With the Mathildenhöhe artists’ colony and Jugendstil style, Darmstadt entered in the international map of art and creativity. Buildings such as the St. Ludwig Church and the world-famous Waldspirale stand out of its unique architecture features.

    Get to know our home with Farol Darmstadt after one of your business trips or a short city break, and be surprised with its hidden treasures.


    This is one of the most beautiful place of Art Nouveau in Germany. Visiting it means exploring the “colony of artists”. Next to a beautiful Russian chapel and garden, it’s a must stop for visitors.


    Named ‘forest spiral’ in English, this is no ordinary residence and a must see building. Its unique details are endless – for instance, it has a green roof and all the windows have a different shape.


    There’s no place to truly feel the city like its “heart”. This is where the transportation hub and the locals meet. In the center there is a statue of the Duke Ludwig I holding the first Hessian constitution.


    A 13th century residential palace reflects six centuries of history. Landmark of the city, today it hosts a museum that shows regional history and the life of Landgraves and Dukes who lived here.


    It has everything gathered for an unforgettable time. Known for its rustic decoration, friendly service and passion for traditional German food, no wonder it has such good reputation among the locals.


    It’s possible to find good International cuisine with a Mediterranean touch in Darmstadt. Mezzo brings you mouth-watering dishes in a pleasant environment. It’s so good that reservations are recommended.


    Located in a quiet neighborhood, the food served in 3Klang is quite tasty for a good value. The menu changes enough to keep things interesting and the Sunday brunch is for sure one of the best in Darmstadt.


    Definitely the place for beer lovers. The beer is manufactured by hand in their own brewery, and when it comes to food, Grohe is a place for meat eaters who want to try regional and seasonal dishes.


    If you like Art Nouveau (Jugendstil), you’ll want to get lost in Mathildenhöhe, where you can see beautiful artworks of architecture, landscape art and interior design – it’s inspiring.


    Darmstadt is known as a city of science due to its investment in research. A well-known outcome of it was the discovery of the chemical element Darmstadtium – that’s why the similarity in the name.


    An annual festival that bring the city together. Held in the first weekend of July, it has everything for a great time: food and beer vendors, amusement attractions and a change to meet the locals.

    Burg Frankenstein

    Don’t miss the ruins of the castle that inspired the Gothic novel Frankenstein. Located in the outskirts of Darmstadt, this landmark is rich in legends and will give you a good time among nature.