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    A cultural and geographic link between mainland Europe and Scandinavia, Copenhagen is one of Europe's oldest capitals, and Denmark itself is the country with the oldest monarchy in the world. In this historical centre, where once Hans Christian Anderson and Søren Kierkegaard lived, you will find the best design, architecture and fashion and also notice the culinary revolution that has taken place here over the last decade. The most bicycle friendly city in the world is also known for figuring systematically the ‘most liveable city’ list. It is big enough to be a metropolis with fine shopping, culture and nightlife, but nevertheless small enough to be intimate and safe. Hygge is the keyword– it describes something between friendship and cozy – it is all about the atmosphere. Here you will certainly feel comfortable and at home. With Farol Copenhagen in hands, you won’t miss any of Copenhagen’s many points of interest, from the world wide known Little Mermaid to many other non less special hidden treasures!


    Waterfront, canal, entertainment area, and a city’s landmark. From the Kongens Nytorv square to the harbour, it’s where bars, restaurants and colourful townhouses from the 17th and 18th century are.

    The Little Mermaid

    Small bronze statue by Edvard Eriksen, based on the tale with the same name by the Danish author Hans Christian Andersen. Displayed on a rock by the waterside, it’s been a major attraction since 1913.


    The second oldest and second most visited amusement park in the world is also a pleasure garden. Its amusing attractions and shows will give you such a great time that you’ll want to come back.


    The “Freetown” Christiania is an unforgettable place. Run by its own laws, this colourful town has numerous outdoor events happening and a contagious lifestyle. However, be aware of the safety rules.


    The Restaurant that brings us the best of the best from the rural Nordic lands. There’s a set three-course menu, an à la carte menu and good wine, all combined with a modern decoration.

    Ida Davidsen

    A well-known place among the locals to have a Danish meal: smørrebrød and the open sandwiches. Although it’s only opened for lunch and it’s closed on the weekends, it will be worthy.


    Located in the heart of the city, it presents seasonal dishes from the classic Danish cuisine with an innovative twist. The menu reflects Denmark’s heritage with the Baltic Sea and its islands.

    Marv & Ben

    Great Danish cuisine for a great value. Located on the medieval Snaregade Street, its seasonal dishes are prepared with fresh and organic ingredients. Reservations are recommended.

    Hans C. Andersen

    Prominent Danish author (1805-1875) who’s best known for his fairy tales, like The Little Mermaid, The Ugly Duckling and The Snow Queen. Never forgotten, paid tributes can be found around this city.


    Buttered dark brown bread used in the famous Danish open sandwiches. There are many options of toppings, such as cold cuts, meat, fish, spreads or cheese. Try one and taste a bit of Danish cuisine.

    Royal Porcelain

    The Royal Porcelain is manufactured since the 18th century. These pieces are hand-painted and made with the finest material, and they would make a great souvenir that you can use when you return home.

    Jazz Festival

    Jazz lovers go to Copenhagen in July because that’s when a big Jazz event takes place. Ray Charles and Michel Camilo have made part of this event, and if you’re in town, go make part of it as well.