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    Historic and cosmopolitan city, the capital of Belgium and of the European Union is a mix of different cultures and a place where a different language can be heard on every street corner.

    In this city you will find hundreds of different kinds of beers, the finest Belgian chocolate, the inimitable Belgian frites and a comic book culture, together with beautiful parks, trendy restaurants, and landmarks such as the central square Grand Place, the bronze statue Manneken Pis, and the historical neighbourhood Place Grand Sablon. Brussels is an ideal short-break destination with your family or friends, and the perfect starting point for an exciting getaway.

    For a better walk through Brussels, according to your time and preferences, Farol City Guides will be there for you.

    Manneken Pis

    Little boy bronze fountain from the 17th century. It played an important role in the former water distribution, and today is a symbol of Brussels folklore. It’s dressed with clothes in special events.

    Grand Place

    When at Grand Place, put yourself in the centre and appreciate the incredible surroundings: the buildings of this square take us back to the 17th century, reflecting the social and cultural life of this era.


    A "scientific" piece of architecture and design built for the Expo 58, becoming since then the iconic landmark of Brussels. Take a walk through its tubes and spheres, while visiting its temporary exhibitions.


    Historic hill in the upper town of Brussels, with much more than it meets the eye. With many art galleries and beautiful buildings, walking through its streets is inspiring and time well spent.

    Comme Chez Soi

    When finding a superb meal in a fine restaurant is a priority, even if it costs some hundreds, the ideal choice is Comme Chez Soi. This two Michelin stars restaurant show food can reach perfection.

    Belga Queen

    Inside a 18th century building, traditional Belgian cuisine is served with a contemporary twist. Attention to detail is paid, from the main courses to the Belgian wine and Arabic coffee.

    L’Idiot du Village

    What seems to be an antique shop at first, is more than that: it’s a cosy restaurant with friendly staff, vintage decoration and delicious food. Perfect for an uncomplicated and delicious meal.

    Aux Armes de Bruxelles

    Located right in the city centre, this is where to go for an adventure through Belgian gourmet cuisine. The restaurant is elegant and old fashioned, and it’s specialist in serving Belgian classics.

    Comic Strip

    Many cartoonists such as Hergé, the creator of Tintin, left their fingerprint in Brussels. As a result, a special heritage of cartoons remained, and it can be seen on the streets or at the Comic Art Museum.


    Belgian chocolate is probably the best chocolate ever. It’s known worldwide for its quality and divine taste, and hence, while in town, you should forget all diets and try as many pieces as you can.

    Heart of Europe

    It’s not a coincidence that Brussels is named ‘the heart of Europe’. Being here means to experience diversity and see important institutions, like the European Parliament or the European Council.

    Frites and beer

    In a hurry or on the go, you can enjoy amazing Belgian beer and the typical crunchy and delicious chips. However, if you have time, don’t miss the chance to stop in a brewery; you’ll be delighted.