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    Barcelona has the energy of a big city, with a touch of art, culture, and a relaxing beach.

    Proud of its rich heritage, this is the city where Spanish and Catalan cultures fuse, presenting us a different traditional cuisine, traditions and language from what Spain got us used to. Barcelona has always been an attractive centre for artists, and nowadays many of the emblematic artists who have passed by are the ones attracting visitors, from the house they lived in to their works, such as Picasso, Joan Miró and Gaudi.

    Besides, Barcelona is famous for having fashionable restaurants, a driven nightlife and a pleasant sunny climate. Beach, art, nightlife, architecture, football and tapas – whatever you’re looking for, you’ll get it with Farol Barcelona city guide.

    Sagrada Familia

    Church designed by the architect Antoni Gaudi. Although incomplete, the church is one of his most symbolic works. The East façade shows the birth of Christ, while the West façade represents his death.

    Parc Güell

    Located in Carmel Hill, the park is composed by gardens and architectonic elements, which are a reflexion of Gaudi’s artistic naturalist phase. Gaudi’s mosaic works are worth of our attention.

    Mercat de la Boqueria

    From 1217, this large market, which entrance is from La Rambla, is one of the city’s foremost landmarks. It sells a good variety of selective goods, including prepared smoothies and small snacks.

    La Manzana

    La Manzana de la Discordia is noted for having a concentration of famous landmark buildings by four of Barcelona’s most important Modernist architects, such as Gaudi, Sagnier and Josep Puig I Cadafalch.

    Vinateria del Call

    Welcome to the oldest wine bar in Barcelona, a tavern located in Gothic Quarter, where fine wine, good service and mouth-watering tapas meet. It takes Catalan gourmet to perfection.

    Can Eusebio

    Spain is famous for tapas and this is the right place in Barcelona to try them. It has a lively atmosphere and splendid food. It’s so good that even locals approve it, and hence we advise you to be there early.

    Can Culleretes

    The oldest restaurant in Catalonia doesn’t spare when it comes to tradition. Typical Catalan cuisine at its best, good wine, homemade desserts, and a warm service. All this for a friendly price.

    7 Portes

    Although not the most affordable restaurant, its food is to die for, especially if you’re a fish and paella lover. Along with regional dishes and desserts, there’s a different paella every day.

    Festa de la Mercè

    No party says “Barcelona” better than this one. Annual festivity, it honours the patron saint on September 24. It lasts for 5 days and it is the largest and most colourful festival in the city.

    Antoni Gaudi

    The famous Catalan architect developed notable works that today are the most emblematic buildings of Barcelona. His buildings are so unique and full of detail that it is impossible not to be amazed.


    Human towers built, traditionally, in festivities in Catalonia. Made in a way to symbolize the stripes of the Catalan flag, it is a mark of the Catalonian heritage that you will not want to miss.


    This form of circle dance from Catalonia is a symbol of unity and pride. There are two types: sarnada curta and sardana llarga, which is more popular. Get a change and try this piece of culture.