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    The capital of Greece is the place where millenniums of history and ancient gods meet. Athens is the crib of a remarkable civilization, mother of the democracy, and the birthplace of wise men of the ancient era and the Olympic Games.

    The heritage of this metropolis is impossible to measure. Athens is one of the oldest European cities, but it is in constant state of transition. The iconic Parthenon temple watches over a modern city with a vibrant life, a traditional cuisine worth to die for, and lively people.

    So many archaeological sites will make you travel through History. Farol Athens will guide you on that journey, ensuring that you won’t miss anything,while enjoying at the same time the informal Greek lifestyle.

    The Parthenon

    Its architectural and historical importance makes it the most iconic building of old Greek civilization. The former temple in the Acropolis is dedicated to the goddess Athena, Athens goddess.

    Mount Lycabettus

    A magnificent panoramic view over the ancient city, the Aegean Sea, the XIX century Chapel of St. George and an ancient open-air theatre can be admired in this mount A great spot making its climbing worth.

    Odeon of Herodes

    Probably the most historical music concerts venue in the world, this stone theatre was erected in 161 AD by the Athenian magnate Herodes Atticus in memory of his wife. It is located in the Acropolis.

    Syntagma Square

    Place of historical political importance, it is scene for many celebrations and demonstrations. Around it are located the Greek parliament, the presidential guard and the tomb of the Unknown Soldier.

    Funky Gourmet

    Located in the heart of Athens, this 2 Michelin stars awarded restaurant has on offer appetizing degustation menus with local and seasonal products. A promise of a pleasant evening.


    A restaurant that will make you feel like a local. Here you will find traditional food and live Greek music every Tuesday and Thursday evening. A good place to come with friends.

    Varoulko Seaside

    Here you will find traditional food from the Greek islands with a touch of innovation. Specialists in seafood and fish, and with a pleasant view over the marina, it has everything for a perfect time.

    Mani Mani

    Head upstairs and you’ll find a modern restaurant, specialist in the cuisine of Mani, a Greek region. You’ll have a relaxing and enjoyable meal, and half portions are available for half the price.

    Classical Greece

    Athens is the centre one of the oldest European civilizations: ruins, museums and statues about the motherland of democracy, a grandiose empire, and one of the most fascinating mythologies ever.

    The Pláka

    This old historical neighborhood, with labyrinthine streets and neoclassic architecture, is known as the “Neighborhood of the Gods” due to its proximity to the Acropolis and archaeological sites.

    Acropolis Rally

    If you’re going to Athens in the summer and you enjoy car racing, you cannot miss this. Held on dusty and rocky mountain roads around Athens, it is one of the hardest rally circuit in the world.

    Plate smashing

    This old Greek tradition involves smashing plates or glasses during celebrations. If you want to do it as the locals do, gather with friends in a taverns or restaurants that offer this peculiar experience.